At the visitation of a newly opened micro-brewery in 2006, I was fascinated both by the procedural sequences as by the tasting experience of the beers brewed there.

Fortunately, the latter did not have anything in common with the well known monotony of the brand of beers obtainable everywhere. I wanted to be able to brew such extraordinary beers too! Inspired in this way, I built myself a small brewing facility.

My own first attempts of brewing with it however, were not always according to my own expectations. The experiences gathered, the intense self-study and the brisk exchange with other brewers helped me construct a bigger and optimized brewing facility in 2007, that finally allowed me to brew beers in the desired quality repeatable at all times.Brauerei
The following years I dedicated to trying out new, and refining time-tested recipes. As my beers made more and more friends, who expressed their desire, to be able to purchase it as well, in 2013 I decided to produce small amounts of beers commercially, besides my main occupation – hence the name „Werk II“, which means „Work II“.

Currently with each brew I am able to produce 130 litre beer. Due to the low quantity of production, changing recipes or merely seasonally brewed brands, my beers are in stock only temporarily and in limited amounts. I am pleased to brew a boiling of your favorite beer out of my line or one according to your demands.

I gladly discuss with you requests concerning this matter via e-mail.